– Alain de Botton: 10 virtudes para la Edad Moderna

– Interesantísimo y polémico. Alberto Alesina, Stelios Michalopoulos y Elias Papaioannou escriben en Vox sobre Ethnic inequality. [This column suggests that it is the unequal concentration of wealth across ethnic lines that is detrimental for development rather than diversity per se. It shows that ethnic inequality, measured using ethno-linguistic maps and satellite images of light density at night, is associated with lower GDP per capita, worse living conditions, and lower levels of education].

– Silvia Merler y Jean Pisani-Ferry, del Bruegel: «Who’s afraid of sovereign bonds?» [The euro crisis has revealed how interdependence between sovereigns and banks can weaken both sides, and the whole monetary union as a consequence].

– Marta Fraile: ¿Por qué los hombres saben más de política que las mujeres? Quizás, y sólo quizás, porque tienen menos tiempo.

– Jared Diamond ha cabreado a mucha gente con su último libro, pero principalmente a antropólogos. Uno, dos, tres cuatro.

– ¿Crees que eres emprendedor? The share of Californians with intentions to start a business was nearly 50% higher than the U.S. average in 2011.