– Manuel Conthe: “Teoría del chupóptero“. ¿Seguro que el aumento del número de abogados es bueno para España?

– Andrew Sullivan: “Is Modern Conservatism Inherently Racist?”.

Entrevista a Ángel Carromero en el Washington Post sobre el accidente en el que murió Oswaldo Payá.

– Lorenzo Bini Smaghi en el FT: “Reform denial poses bigger threat to Italy than austerity“:

“Austerity is the result of countries’ democratic decisions to wait until the last minute before acting, under the pressure of the markets, mainly by raising taxes rather than implementing long-waited reforms. Denying this, by claiming that austerity has been imposed on countries – rather than self-inflicted – and looking for scapegoats, is the biggest threat to democracies going forward”.

– Daniel Gros: “Learning from Germany“.

“The reforms undertaken in some peripheral countries are much deeper than those undertaken by Germany a decade ago. Those countries that persist with these reform efforts could well emerge leaner and more competitive”.

Una profesora denuncia a una escuela cristiana de EEUU por despedirla por quedarse embarazada antes del matrimonio… y ofrecerle el trabajo a su novio (ahora marido).