– Historión: «The Plot from Solitary«. How four alleged leaders of rival gangs launched a hunger strike 30,000 strong. Was the prison system that corralled them not strong enough, or is solitary confinement an impossible idea?

– Y hay que leer esto: «The Murders Before the Marathon«. Waltham, September 11, 2011: Three men, throats slit, cash and drugs left on the bodies. Two years later, two dead suspects: Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and a friend who the FBI says was about to confess. One haunting question: Could solving this case have prevented the Boston Marathon bombings? Vía Manel Gozalbo. (ojo, hay un par de fotos duras).

– «Comrades say Marine heroism tale of Iraq veteran was untrue«». La historia de Rafael Peralta. Vía Beatriz Hoya.

– Una sorprendente: «Greetings from Gitmo: «Disabled vets beat their trauma at the unfriendliest place on Earth». vía Beatriz también.

– Dos buenísimas de ciencia: «How the Cold War Created Astrobiology«. Life, death, and Sputnik. Vía Jorge Galindo.

– Y «How Two Pigeons Helped Scientists Confirm the Big Bang Theory«. For decades, astronomers had debated how the universe began. Then, in 1964, they had their «Eureka!» moment.

– Timothy Synder: «Ukraine: The Haze of Propaganda«.

– José Álvarez Junco: «Historia y mito«. Vía Javier Solana.

– «The Facebook Comment That Ruined a Life» . Justin Carter’s violent threat on Facebook lands him in jail, and limbo».

– «One-Percent Jokes and Plutocrats in Drag: What I Saw When I Crashed a Wall Street Secret Society«.

– «Sexual Assault at God’s Harvard«. Patrick Henry College was supposed to be a safe place. For these young women, it wasn’t.»

– «The first marathon runner wasn’t Greek, he was Jewish» (Plus: the Jewish Runner Hall of Fame).

Buen domingo a todos!

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