– Sergei Markov, cuyo pensamiento no suele ir muy alejado de lo que acaba pasando en el Kremlin: «Why There Will Be War in Ukraine» (que es más un panfleto y un aviso que una tribuna).

– Zbigniew Brzezinski: «What is to be done? Putin’s aggression in Ukraine needs a response«. «His initial success may tempt him to repeat that performance more directly in the far eastern provinces of Ukraine. If successful, the conclusive third phase could then be directed, through a combination of political unrest and increasingly overt use of Russian forces, to overthrow the government in Kiev. The result would thus be similar to the two phases of Hitler’s seizure of the Sudetenland after Munich in 1938 and the final occupation of Prague and Czechoslovakia in early 1939.»

– Keith Darden en oreign Affairs: «Ukraine’s Crisis of Legitimacy«. How the New Government in Kiev Can Save Itself» (Puede requerir subscrpción).

– Tikhon Dzyadko, periodista en una de las televiones rusas más independientes: «Putin Doesn’t Know What He Wants in Ukraine«.

– Puro realismo de Katrina vanden Heuvel: «The Ukraine crisis calls for less bluster, more common sense«. «We desperately need a strong dose of realism and common sense. There is no “stick” in relation to Ukraine. Americans have no desire and no reason to go to war with Russia over what happens in Crimea. The European Union and the United States are not going to supplant Russia’s economic influence in Ukraine».

– Harriet Salem: «Who exactly is governing Ukraine?«. Unos pequeños perfiles de algunos de los ministros y dirigentes del nuevo Gobierno ucraniano.

– Y uno mucho más completo. Katya Gorchinskaya: «The not-so-revolutionary new Ukraine government«.

– Javier Solana: «Disputas Ucrania-Rusia sobre la flota rusa en el Mar Negro: el acuerdo de 1997«.

– Y Javier Solana en 2001: «Recuerdos de Crimea, 10 años después«.

– Holodomor: «Ukraine’s Genocide by Famine«. Eighty years later, there’s no denying the Soviet atrocity.

– Antonella Napolitano: «YanukovychLeaks.org Exposes a Corrupt and Violent Regime«.

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