«A reporter explains what it’s like being trapped in the Gaza propaganda war«. Explicando cómo israelíes y palestinos usan la propaganda, cada uno a su manera. Con ejemplos concretos de lo que ha visto estos días.

¿Pro israelí? ¿Pro palestinos? La BBC habla de las críticas a su cobertura de Gaza.

– Gilad Lotan en Medium: «Israel, Gaza, War & Data. Social networks and the art of personalizing propaganda«.

– «Looking for the Enduring Photo in Gaza«. En Lens entrevistan al fantástico fotógrafo Tyler Hicks, que ha pasado dos semanas en Gaza. Lean cómo cuenta el ataque a la playa en el que murieron cuatro niños. Y lo que dice de por qué no hay fotos de militantes de Hamas.


We have many photos of the casualties and destruction in Gaza. Why don’t we have many photos of Hamas fighters or missiles?


This is a war fought largely behind the scenes. Hamas fighters are not able to expose themselves. If they were to even step a foot on the street they would be spotted by an Israeli drone and immediately blown up. We don’t see those fighters. They are operating out of buildings and homes and at night. They are moving around very carefully. You don’t see any signs of authority on the streets. If you can imagine every police officer, every person of authority in America gone, this is what that would look like. If we had access to them, we would be photographing them. I never saw a single device for launching the rockets to Israel. It’s as if they don’t exist.

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