– «The abortion ministry of Dr. Willie Parker«. In Mississippi, there is only one clinic where a woman can go if she needs an abortion. The state is trying to close it down. At that clinic, there is a doctor who tends to the needs of these women, and he has to fly in from out of state to do it. There is no shutting him down.

– Tifffany Stanley: «Jackie’s Goodbye«. What I learned about our national Alzheimer’s debacle when I became responsible for my aunt.

– Todd C. Frankel en The Washington Post: «The fight to save the last Ebola-free district in Sierra Leone«. One man’s campaign to keep his home free of Ebola has been a resounding success — and a curiosity to researchers.

– Esto, obligatorio. «Your Future Is Very Dark”. The incredible story of former CIA agent John T. Downey, the longest held American captive of war.

– Patrick Radden Keefe: «The Empire of Edge«. How a doctor, a trader, and the billionaire Steven A. Cohen got entangled in a vast financial scandal.Inside the bigger-ever hedge fund scandal.

–  Nathaniel Rich: «The Most Ambitious Environmental Lawsuit Ever«. A quixotic historian tries to hold oil and gas companies responsible for Louisiana’s disappearing coast.

«Michael Harari, Israeli Agent Likened to James Bond, Dies at 87«. Vaya vida fascinante (y terrible).

– Mark Gevisser reseña las memorias de la secretaria de Mandela: «Good Morning, Mr Mandela by Zelda la Grange«. An intriguing, bitter chronicle of the decline of the ‘world’s most famous man’.

– James Meek en la LRB: «In Farageland«, un viaje a Thanet, el feudo del líder del UKIP.

– «Trial by Twitter«. Deep in the digital diaries of three lovely girls, a fatal disconnect occurred. What their followers had not seen between the lines was the vanishing of morality, reality, and then, Skylar Neese.

– «Vigilanteville: James McGibney and his online army«. The Bullyville founder aims to stop the worst of the worst on the Internet — but critics say he’s the real bully

– John Gray: «Is religion to blame for history’s bloodiest wars?» From the Inquisition to Isis, religion is blamed for brutality. But violence is a secular creed too.

– «The moment of uncertainty«. Una entrevista al historiador de la ciencia Robert Crease sobre el impacto cultural del principio de Incertidumbre de Heisenberg (con un fondo de pantalla negra infernal).

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