– Barney Frank: «My Life as a Gay Congressman«. It took me 32 years to come out. This is what happened when I did.

– En Haaretz: A ‘coming out’ ceremony for a Jewish transgender teen. A ‘cross between a bar mitzvah and a brit.

– «Spencer Robinson: «Wittgenstein, Schoolteacher«.  What the philosopher learned from his time in elementary-school classrooms. Vía Tom Nuttall.

– Enrique Krauze: «El profeta Isaiah«. Cómo Berlin se hizo liberal.

– Philp Browring en The Guardian: «Lee Kuan Yew obituary«.

– «The Children of ISIS«.  Why did three American kids from the suburbs of Chicago try to run away to the Islamic state, and should the Feds treat them as terrorists?

– My ISIS boyfriend: A reporter’s undercover life with a terrorist.

– Jennifer R. Williams en Foreign Affairs: «The Bureaucracy of Terror«. New Secret Documents Reveal al Qaeda’s Real Challenges. Via Manel Gozalbo.

– Kai Freise: «Borderlands«. India’s Great Wall para frenar a los musulmanes de Bangladesh

– Arielle Zibrak: «On Amish time«. Muy interesante.

– En BuzzFed: «Meet The 13-Year-Old Girl Who Might Be The World’s Best Female Rock Climber«. Vía Lupe.

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