Patrick Radden Keefe en The New Yorker: The Avenger After three decades, has the brother of a victim of the Lockerbie bombing solved the case?

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad en la LRB: «Some Tips for the Long-Distance Traveller«. La ruta de los refugiados. Vía Alberto Sicilia.

Todd C. Franckel en el Washington Post: «Pellets, planes and the new frontier. How Mexican heroin cartels are targeting small-town America«.

Christoper Beam en Bloomberg: «Children of the Yuan Percent: Everyone Hates China’s Rich Kids«.  The fuerdai, China’s second-generation rich kids, are the most loathed group in the country. They’re also its future.

Michael Smith: «Want to Do Business in Cuba? Prepare to Partner With the General«.  Things are changing rapidly in Cuba, and people from around the world are eager to get in on the action. Wait until they learn all roads lead to Raúl Castro’s son-in-law. Las últimas dos, de Bloomberg ambas, vía Rodrigo Orihuela. 

Diana Saverin en The Atlantic: «The Terror and Tedium of Living Like Thoreau«. When you’re alone in a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness, the simplest question becomes the most complicated: How do you fill a day?

Ricardo F. Colmenero en El Mundo: «Clase de silencio«. Una columna para pensar.

Y para acabar, en la BBC y como parte de un nuevo libro: «The friendship that grew out of war«. La imposible amistad entre la mujer de Moshe Dayan y la suegra de Arafat.

Buen domingo a todos

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