José A. Guardiola en El Mundo: «Nos vemos en Kandahar. La muerte jamás contada de Julio Fuentes«.

George Packer en The New Yorker: «The Other France. Are the suburbs of Paris incubators of terrorism?«. Larguísimo y espectacular artículo. Para enseñar en las facultades. Es de este verano pero me lo ha descubierto R. Dudda.

Lydia Wilson en The Nation: What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters.  They’re drawn to the movement for reasons that have little to do with belief in extremist Islam. Vía Jarno Hartikainen.

En el Telegraph: «Hugh Leach, Arabist – obituary Soldier, diplomat and Arabist who explored Yemen with Freya Stark and was a circus ringmaster».

Robert Kagan en el WSJ: «The Crisis of World Order. After Paris, Islamic State’s rise and Syria’s agony are shaking a weakened Europe—and the international system. Can the U.S. summon the resolve to respond?». Vía Alfredo Timermans.

Kevin Mourer en The Daily Beast: » What It’s Like to Have an American War Criminal in Your Barracks«.  The U.S. military’s biggest mass murder in decades happened under the watch of Dan Fields. For the first time, he opens up about the war crime—and the soldier who did it

Chris Mcgreal en The Guardian: «America’s poorest white town: abandoned by coal, swallowed by drugs«.En Kentucky, claro.

Droblo en su blog: «Eduardo Barreiros, empresario«.

Jessica A. Clarke en el Yale Law Journal: «Against Immutability«. Why is it illegal to discriminate on the basis of certain traits, like race or sex, but not others, like experience or beauty?

Anne Helen Petersen en BuzzFeed «The keys to Enya’s kingdom»

John Lanchester en Intelligence Life: «Agony to ecstasy«. At the Prado in Madrid, John Lanchester, a novelist and journalist, admits that his parents were right to drag him round museums when he was a child

Paul Voosen en The Chronicle of higher education: «Bringing Up Genius. Is every healthy child a potential prodigy?«.

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