How Merkel Has Gambled Away Her EU Power. Muy duro artículo en Der Spiegel sobre la canciller y su apuesta perdida en la crisis de refugiados: «It is yet another incident that demonstrates Merkel’s loss of power. The chancellor has played a variety of roles in Brussels throughout her career. She began as a clumsy novice, but as a result of the euro crisis she ultimately became the most powerful leader in Europe. Now, however, she has isolated Germany in the European Union to a greater degree than any chancellor before her«. (Negritas mías)

– Barry Eichengreen y Charles Wyplosz, sarcásticos como nunca: How the Euro Crisis was successfully resolved.

Sultan Al Qassemi escribe en el Middle East Insitute: The Arab World’s Other Migration Problem. «Most Arab societies have become more homogenous over the past few decades. We have lost our Jewish minorities and the number of Christian Arabs is dwindling either due to voluntary or forced migration. Shiite Arabs are assailed on social media and associated with the disruptive behavior of the Iranian regime. By the end of this century, some Arab states may be completely emptied of the few minorities they have today».

–   Evan Osnos en The New Yorker: Donald Trump and the Ku Klux Klan: A History.

Uber seems to offer better service in areas with more white people. That raises some tough questions.

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